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The Harding Brothers come from a long line of billionaires who run the city of Boston.

Each spicy, angst-filled book follows each of the brothers as they fall in love

with the women they can't resist.

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The Heartbreak Series is a set of three interconnected standalones

following a group of friends working and living in Austin, Texas and

finding love through heartbreak.

This is a super spicy romance series containing themes

such as next-door neighbor, workplace romance, brother's best friend,

fake engagement and sports.

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Hunter Moore is the star pitcher for the Northeast Rebels. He also happens to fall for his new roommate. His best-friend's sister. The same woman whose dream he single handedly traded hers for his.

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Asher Owens.

Gorgeous. Arrogant. Liar.

Charleigh fell in love with Asher ten years ago.

Now, with both in New York City, he's offered her a deal.

Give him six days to help her find a location for her new flower business.

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Spencer Ryan. America's favorite upcoming rockstar. 

After a one-night stand with a stranger, Lane is hired to write a story on Spencer and follow him his first cross country tour. 

But once Lane looks into his electric blue eyes, she knows she's seen him before and it's about to make this tour her most challenging job yet.

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Gorgeous Lies


This book was hands down one of my favorites of the year! I


haven't cried this much from a book in a long time.

This raw, emotional story follows Victoria, an aspiring dancer whose family is from the middle class and Jude, a billionaire heir to one of the most powerful companies in Boston.

They meet, fall in love, and have their lives ripped to shreds by a tragedy so big they couldn't overcome it.


The Rules of Heartbreak


I loved, loved, loved this story. Dallas and Sloan instantly drew me into their story with their hate to love story.


Their banter kept me on my toes and their chemistry steamed up my kindle. I love a story full of angst that tears your heart out and The Rules of Heartbreak was perfection.


The Wrong Pitch


Full of witty banter, so much heat, and a lot of love, The Wrong Pitch was a homerun for me.


Ophelia and Hunter’s road was difficult and messy and full of angst and emotion, but their growth in the end was so worth the journey.

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