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Trouble #1:
Levi Hawkins. Always....

Levi Hawkins has been trouble since the first time I saw him through the lens of my camera our senior year of high school.

He was the star quarterback.
I was the yearbook photographer.

Although Levi’s hatred for me was no secret, I spent the entire school year fighting my feelings for him, counting down to the day of graduation.

When that day finally came, I foolishly thought I'd seen the last of him. Until five years later, when he walked into the same newspaper I worked for. Only now, he was no longer a football star. He's the paper's newest reporter.

Disguised by a grand opening of a hotel on the shores of South Padre Island, Levi dragged me on an assignment. His college football reunion.

But just when I thought he'd roped me in enough trouble, he asked for one more favor.

Pretend to be his fiancé... for the entire reunion.

I knew he had dragged me along to get a story, but it wasn’t long before I realized there was more written between the lines.

And then I remembered... Levi Hawkins has always been trouble.


Product Info: One Alternate Cover Paperback.

The Troubles with Heartbreak Alternate Paperback Edition

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