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Secrets aren't meant to be kept forever.

Colton Adler was one hundred percent off limits up until the night we shared together nearly two years ago. Both of us forged a deal between illicit touches and unrelenting kisses.

A secret.

A promise. 

A vow made to one another that we would never be anything more than the one night.

Regardless of the feelings I still harbored for him, I understood Colton could never truly be mine.

Since then, we’ve kept our secret buried deep, pretending as if it never happened at all.

But now, after attending my brother’s wedding, Colton was a flashing wave of hot and cold. One minute he was teetering on the edge of giving in to false promises of a forever with me; the next he retreated, reminding me once again that I would never truly be his.

Secrets aren’t meant to be kept forever and it didn’t take long for me to learn I wasn’t Colton’s only one.


Product Info: One Alternate Cover Paperback.

The Secrets to Heartbreak Alternate Paperback Edition

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