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Dear J,

They were the shade of midnight blue.The last place I expected to see my old college love, Jude Harding, was in the local laundromat four years after I fled the city to escape him.Heir to Boston Royalty.Rich beyond comprehension.And a mouth I couldn’t help but fall for.Jude was everything I’d always wanted and more… until life viciously and unexpectedly tore us apart. So, when he catches me arguing with a washing machine for mercilessly eating my quarters, I can’t escape quickly enough.Unfortunately for me, Jude isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and before I realize what’s happening, he’s the man hired to renovate my new business. The same man I’ve been desperate to get over for years, yet can’t, despite my efforts. But business is business, after all, and we have to work together and not allow our troubled past get in the way. All I have to do is remember the pain I felt when he chose pleasing his father over a forever with me all those years ago, because if I don’t, everything I’ve risked to rebuild my life will come undone.I don’t trust myself around Jude. I never will.Because the truth is, I’ve always loved him, and I always will…despite every gorgeous lie he ever told.


Product Info: One Model Cover Paperback

Gorgeous Lies

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