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Emiline Ward has experienced enough loss and death to last a lifetime.


Two years after a near death experience took the life of her best friend and caused her first love, Ben, to walk out of her life, Em is convinced she is meant to live a life of lonliness. But a chance meeting with Cameron McKinney may just change her mind. Cam manages to spark a new sense of hope within Em, allowing herself to fall completely in love with him. Soon, she learns of Cam's past, and of the life he left behind in Dallas. As Cam and Em grow closer, he confesses their days are numbered and their time together is running out.


Just when Em begins to lose hope of ever living a life of happiness, Ben comes back in to her life. Em must then decide to risk losing her second love, or taking a second chance on her first love.

I've lived the perfect life. And as if it couldn't get any better, I'm about to graduate from Brown University, all with my flawless, hot as hell girlfriend by my side. I’d say I’m lucky to have Lena, but really, she’s lucky to have me. I would do anything to keep her by my side. Anything. Because as everyone knows, Julian Price hates to lose.

Dissipate is the prequel to Back to Me. It is recommended you read this book first.

Due to Mature Content and subject matter, this book is recommended for readers 18+

Without You was Em's story. This is Cam's.

      Cameron McKinney has spent most of his adult life taking care of his mother and trying to keep her addiction under control. Endless days and nights of worrying make Cam's life unpredictable and mundane. But when he decides to spend a night out with friends rather than go straight home to his mom, his worst fears become reality. After nearly losing his mom to her addiction, Cam's guilt begins to consume him. Deciding to leave everything and everyone behind in Dallas, he packs everything he owns into his car and moves two hours away.
      Two months after leaving his mother behind, Cam has begun to piece his life back together. Finally having taken his life into his own hands, he is swayed into a night out once again. But who he meets makes him question every decision he's ever made for himself. 
    Emiline Ward is unlike any woman Cam has ever met. Somehow with one look from her deep brown eyes, Cam's world is shattered. Unable to keep his distance, he fights his feelings for a seemingly unavailable woman under impossible circumstances. Cam must decide whether Em would live a better, more fulfilling life without him or risk breaking promises to the one woman who reminds him that forgiveness and love make life worth living.
    Without Me is the companion novel to Without You. It can be read as a standalone.

I've been in love with my best friend, Graham, for six years. The only problem is, he doesn't know it. 
I've done everything to live the life I've wanted for myself. Get out of the small town I grew up in, graduate college with an art degree, and become assistant to one of Dallas' most prominent artists. 
But despite my small successes, I still feel an empty hole burning inside me. A desire for the one man who always manages to leave me breathless. 
Maybe it was time to tell Graham how I felt.
But how can I tell my best friend I love him when a chance encounter from the past continues to haunt me, threatening to destroy everything?

I've been in love with Sara for as long as I can remember. Regardless of my insatiable need to keep her close, I haven't been able to tell her.
Why? Because she deserves someone better, someone who could lay the world at her feet. 
Instead, I'm a man filled with a life of regret and who can only promise her an unstable future. 
But when an opportunity with the Dallas Museum of Art comes my way, I can’t help but wonder if this is it: The way to finally make her mine. A chance to tell her how I feel and show her the kind of man I could be. I'm just hoping after six years of keeping my love a secret, there aren't others standing between us and the perfect life I've dreamed of.


A dead cat, a stolen seat, and a mouthy Irishman—that’s how this whole thing started. I thought I’d leave the red-headed stranger with dark green eyes behind and good freaking riddance. Except he’s not even close to being gone. Mason McConnell is everywhere, drawing me in, like an invisible thread. I just hope that string doesn't snap and break my heart.


Two weeks was all I needed to go home, spread my cat’s ashes, and visit my brother. But one foolish decision at the airport managed to throw all my plans off track. Somehow, I had unknowingly cast the line, and Charlotte Kelley took the bait.
The chatty, prying American somehow had a way of bringing me back to life.
I didn’t want her under my skin, and I certainly wasn’t expecting her to make her way into my heart, yet once she did, I didn’t want her to leave. But with one secret wedged between us, I'm not sure I have the right to ask her to stay.


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