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AA Spicy, Angst-filled Marriage of Convenience Billionaire Romance


As if I could give this anything lower than 5 stars??? Brittany has done it again, friends. I remember reading and reviewing book 1, Gorgeous Lies, and my emotions were so thoroughly ruined, I sprinted to make sure I could read and review this book. And it lived up to everything I could have wanted. - Nat, Reviewer

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The Heartbreak Series?

The Rules of Heartbreak

I never used to live my life by rules.
At least not until my fiancé betrayed me, turning my entire world upside down.
Unsure of how to move on, my luck seemed to suddenly change. My estranged mother's last gift to me before she died landed on my doorstep, giving me the opportunity to start my life over.
I snatched up the chance to leave my life behind in Minnesota, opening my arms up to the hot, sunny weather of Texas.
It was easy to start over in unfamiliar territory, my unofficial rules of heartbreak worn on my chest like a badge of honor.
But along with the house my mother left came a new neighbor. 

The Secrets to Heartbreak

Secrets aren't meant to be kept forever.
Colton Adler was one hundred percent off limits up until the night we shared together nearly two years ago. Both of us forged a deal between illicit touches and unrelenting kisses.
A secret.
A promise. 
A vow made to one another that we would never be anything more than the one night.
Regardless of the feelings I still harbored for him, I understood Colton could never truly be mine.
Since then, we’ve kept our secret buried deep, pretending as if it never happened at all.

The Troubles with Heartbreak

Trouble #1:
Levi Hawkins. Always....

Levi Hawkins has been trouble since the first time I saw him through the lens of my camera our senior year of high school.
He was the star quarterback.
I was the yearbook photographer.
Although Levi’s hatred for me was no secret, I spent the entire school year fighting my feelings for him, counting down to the day of graduation.
When that day finally came, I foolishly thought I'd seen the last of him. Until five years later, when he walked into the same newspaper I worked for. Only now, he was no longer a football star. He's the paper's newest reporter.

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