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Without You was Em's story. This is Cam's.

Cameron McKinney has spent most of his adult life taking care of his mother and trying to keep her addiction under control. Endless days and nights of worrying make Cam's life unpredictable and mundane. But when he decides to spend a night out with friends rather than go straight home to his mom, his worst fears become reality. After nearly losing his mom to her addiction, Cam's guilt begins to consume him. Deciding to leave everything and everyone behind in Dallas, he packs everything he owns into his car and moves two hours away.

Two months after leaving his mother behind, Cam has begun to piece his life back together. Finally having taken his life into his own hands, he is swayed into a night out once again. But who he meets makes him question every decision he's ever made for himself.

Emiline Ward is unlike any woman Cam has ever met. Somehow with one look from her deep brown eyes, Cam's world is shattered. Unable to keep his distance, he fights his feelings for a seemingly unavailable woman under impossible circumstances.Cam must decide whether Em would live a better, more fulfilling life without him or risk breaking promises to the one woman who reminds him that forgiveness and love make life worth living.

Without Me is the companion novel to Without You. It can be read as a standalone, however it is recommended you read Without You first.

Without Me

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