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I've been hopelessly in love with Graham Ward since I was fourteen years old...

Now, over ten years later, he’s not only my best friend’s brother- he’s also my roommate.

Although I’ve never confessed my true feelings for him, there’s always been one piece of our lives we’ve had in common. Art.

Despite our shared passion, I still feel an empty hole burning inside me.

A desire for the one man who always manages to leave me breathless.

When Graham receives an opportunity to create an exhibit for the Dallas Museum of Art and asks for my collaboration, I can’t help but say yes. Working with Graham is the perfect way to bring us closer.

But on the opening night of the exhibit, a chance encounter with a stranger from my past threatens to ruin any chance Graham and I have at a future.

It’s taken more than ten years to tell Graham I’m in love with him. I just hope that same love doesn’t destroy us.


*Back to Me is the third and final book in the Back to Me Series. It is recommended you read Books 1 and 2 first.

Back to Me: Back to Me Series Book 3

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